Silver lining

Snow dances on the waving plain,
that reminds me of a French or
Belgian landscape,
with the wind.
Then it swirls across the road
like desert sands did in Jordan.

While we drive under low skies,
familiar from the Old Dutch Masters,
a lifetime of pop music favorites,
stored on a previous generation iPod,
plays through the car stereo.

Snow starts falling on an already
whitened Lithuanian landscape.

Yes, the French landscapes,
the desert reminiscent grains on the road,
the Dutch skies, the pop music from
Africa, the Americas and many places
in Europe, are enjoyed along
the Baltic Sea coast.

No matter where you are, you can
find a familiar face if you just
look with an open mind.

A few meters west from the road
ice shelves are pushed up by wind
and water.

Then the sun reappears.
Giving a dark grey cloud in front of us
the proverbial silver lining.
I wish you all could see it.