A lost doughnut

There it lies, on the street,
in the snow and mush.
Only a few bites taken,
and then control lost,
a fresh doughnut, dropped.

The frosting still looks great,
bright-coloured, sprinkled, shiny.
But the dough is soaking up
the snow melting from
salt and chemicals.

Forever lost,
a new one bought,
and enjoyed with
better care.

Happy V-Day, love

A martyr celebrated, at least that’s the story,
by lovers all around the world today.
He probably never expected that his glory,
would be a reason for people to say
“I love you”, or something similar to that.
And today I join the masses in this rite,
and tell you that I love you, let it be said,
every hour of every day and every night.

Tomorrow I will do it again, and many more
days to come. Because a Saint long gone
might be a good reason, to many of us, for
saying I love you; but that should be done
for one reason, the one that really should count:
that I love you; today, tomorrow, all year round.

It’s Monday again

It’s Monday again.
The day that is
the focus of many

The week starts today,
back to school or work,
the weekend as passed,
time for fun over.

It’s Monday again,
and it’s actually sad
that so many of us
can’t wait for Friday.

Is Monday really so bad?
Or is it the choices
we made?

What if we chose different?

It’s Monday again!
Can’t wait to get back
to work or school.
Eager to learn, to do
what I love to do.

The snowflake

Whoa! I’m flying, suddenly.
Or rather, I’m floating
through the air.

I don’t know what happened,
or even remember anything
before this, but it’s great.

Trees, beaches, sunny places
far away. I can see the world,
while I gently move ever
closer to it.

It’s cold here, but that is
my natural habitat, warmth
will take me out of being.

And as my adventure comes
to an end, and I gently
touch down on the soft blanket
my siblings made,
I can only hope that no
human will step on me.

The pearls of unfinished verse

In a folder, hidden away
between many other bits,
there’s a collection of stubs.
Notes, phrases, verses;
orphaned lines and texts:
unfinished work.

But it’s not just abandoned words.
Inspiration, work in progress,
and lessons learned
from small failures.
A basis for better poetry,
I hope.

The annual confrontation with aging

Today is one of those days,
holding promise of the future, but
innately also being very much about
remembering and looking back;
today is one of those days
you get confronted with every year.

Now, after all these years, I know today
is one of those days that
never changes throughout life,
even if it yearly does. Today is my birthday.

Riga at my feet

Standing on a rooftop terrace,
I can see the city stretch out
at my feet.

All the iconic structures are there:
the tv tower, the zeppelin hangars,
Swedbank, Vansu bridge,
the churches.

The not so great looking ones,
are also there, of course.
And our house.

This city on the Daugava,
this city I call home now.
Not only have I moved into you,
you have become part of me.

Frozen footsteps

My footsteps remain in the
frozen snow for days –
new shoes make for fine prints –
a record of where I’ve been yesterday
and where I will be tomorrow.

(It’s not for nothing that I am
the foursquare mayor of venues
along this daily dog walking route.)

But when spring will be here
and the snow has gone,
taking my footsteps with it,
does that mean that I have not
been there or will not be there again?

Or does it simply mean,
the weather will be nice again?

Conversation with a winter duck

Hello friend duck, how are you today?
You know I wonder: why did you stay
in the frozen place and not went south?
I mean, some of your friends figured out
it’s your best chance to survive.

Friend duck, I don’t envy your life;
sleeping out here on snow and ice.
So, I thought I’d bring you a small surprise.
Yeah, I know, it’s only old bread
but I hope it helps you prevent freezing to death.

The perfect brew

It all starts with the beans.

You need to get that right.

Next is the machine.

Grinding, pressure, the works.

Then it’s a matter of tasting,

trying, experimenting.

Maybe even mixing and blending.
Until you get it right:

the perfect coffee brew.

But you will notice that

it does not exist.

What is the perfect coffee today,

might not be tomorrow.

The trying and tasting will continue

because today, you’re a different person,

than who you were yesterday

or will be tomorrow;

making each perfect combination

of you and your coffee unique.

Every day again.