These times – a micro story

Landscape with mountains - Just like a Bob Ross painting

Just like a Bob Ross painting

The mountains ahead looked like they were painted by Bob Ross. Maybe you know him, he’s the guy who did these painting courses on tv. Incredibly skilled, a true craftsman. He clearly knew how to paint, even though his paintings wouldn’t probably be the ones you’d hang in your living room. Or anywhere else in your home. Or office. But still, it was amazing how with a only a few hand movements and a brush, he could create worlds in seconds. Inspiring, really. While looking at the mountains in the distance, how the intensity of their greys fade in the distance, the ones closer a bit darker than the ones that are clearly further away, you can almost hear his iconic voice, talking about where these little mountains live, and how you should push the paint right into the fabric of your canvas.
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A Trip Down Memory Train

Roosendaal, Lage Zwaluwe, Gilze-Rijen. Dordrecht, Breda, Tilburg. Not to mention all the Belgian small towns and cities. Or the Dutch football stadiums De Kuip and the Fuji Film of respectively Feyenoord and NAC Breda. The journey today takes longer than it was supposed to do. Somewhere in Belgium, even before Brussels, the high speed Thalys train that was supposed to bring me from Paris to Rotterdam in two and a half hours, broke down. The driver managed to temporarily fix it and get the train at crawling speed to Brussels. But from there we had to take the regular train. And because I was heading for Den Bosch, after that I had to go via Breda with two trains that call on all stations in between. I could have been annoyed, but that woudn’t have brought me to my destination any faster. The first part was enjoyable enough, talking to a Dutch friend who coincidentally had the same train. The second and third part were mainly through a rural part of the Netherlands, covered in snow. Passing places I haven’t passed by train in a very long while. Now that I am on the verge of moving from Paris to Riga, it is good to have a trip like this, and finding out that is has a nice nostalgic feel to be in the Netherlands, but that – apart from family and friend – there is nothing I really miss. I wouldn’t exchange Riga for Dordrecht or Breda in a million years. But going back once in a while is not so bad.