42 years, 4 months and 8 days – a micro story

Calm water in the old port

Calm water in the port

Wind sweeps up the waves, that are crashing hard on the barriers protecting the old port. They do their jobs, these barriers, as the water inside of them is as tranquil as ever. Alexis stares at his float, waiting. Tourists see the beauty of it, and take photographs of the old man fishing. He doesn’t notice, his eyes and attention fixed, for now, on the float. It doesn’t move. Even if it did, he wouldn’t care very much. He’s not waiting for the fish to take his baitless hook in their mouths. He will buy a fish at the market later, to bring home for his wife to cook. As he has done basically everyday for, well, as long as he can remember.
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Happy V-Day, love

A martyr celebrated, at least that’s the story,
by lovers all around the world today.
He probably never expected that his glory,
would be a reason for people to say
“I love you”, or something similar to that.
And today I join the masses in this rite,
and tell you that I love you, let it be said,
every hour of every day and every night.

Tomorrow I will do it again, and many more
days to come. Because a Saint long gone
might be a good reason, to many of us, for
saying I love you; but that should be done
for one reason, the one that really should count:
that I love you; today, tomorrow, all year round.

The Louvre and you

There’s a picture in the Louvre
somewhere to the side.
I was wandering around,
when I first saw it there.
Drawn by the light it radiates,
the universe focused only
on Jesus and his crown of thorns.

It reminded me of you.
(Not that you look like Jesus,
or wear a thorned crown, of course.)

It reminded me of when we met.
You radiated light, turning
everything around you
into a dark blur.

As if the universe was
focused only on you.

I was.

The eternal love dance of the tides

The perfect lines of the shore
are caressed by the sea’s water,
softly tickling, gently kissing.
Rolling its tongues in little waves,
carefully licking the curves,
before overflowing completely
the sands of the shore,
sinking deep into the beach,
touching each grain.
Then again, gently kissing until,
a big wave rushes in.

The rhythm dictated by the tides,
a beautiful, never-ending dance.

The world is an amazing place

So many places, so many places.
So many places to go to,
to discover, enjoy, revisit.
So many places I’ve never been
even though there are
so many places I’ve already seen.

The Eiffel tower, Empire State building,
Lady liberty big and small,
Petronas Towers, Burj al Arab,
Taj Mahal, the Great Wall.

The National Gallery, Hermitage,
Louvre, Stedelijk, Prado.
San Siro, Wembley, Camp Nou
Football temples, Greek temples,
Hindu temples and Buddhist temples,
Temple of Heavenly Peace
Watching the sun rise on Macchu Picchu.

So many places, so many places
I can go on forever listing
things I’ve seen or want to see
Yes, so many places
I want to see again.
Because places I haven’t been
with you, I haven’t really seen.

But even so many places
we’ve enjoyed together,
are worth going to again.

The world is an amazing place,
isn’t it?
With so many places to enjoy.
So grab your bag and let’s go
see so many places more.