Use MOOCs to pick the right school

September has just started, and in many countries, that means schools have started, too. For everybody who has the fortune to attend school, that is, but especially for those who are in their final year of secondary education, and are looking ahead to the next step. For many students, and their parents, this year will be about choosing which college or university to go to or apply for.

Picking the right school to go to, is not the easiest task. There are many factors that can play a role: family tradition, vicinity, place in rankings, job perspective, topics offered and so on. Many, if not all of these, are based on the opinion of others about these school. Maybe the parents have attended themselves, so they have a certain experience and inside knowledge, but much can change between their school years, and next year.
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Weekend reads week 23


How human are you?
When you are responsible for a brand, you must protect it from evil. And everything other than what you plan for the brand, must be seen as evil. At least, that is how some companies still think. And they’re learning the hard way that this stance doesn’t work. There are fans of your brand out there, who use your logo to show how much they care; and through all those wonderful channels we have in this digital age: share that. Do you really want to send them cease-and-desist letters? Or are you going to embrace them?

How much meetings will you not have next week?
Meetings can seriously damage productivity in your company. And it’s pretty sure that you are having too many. They may have once been the best available way to complete certain tasks in your organisation (sharing information, status reports, keeping in touch), but for many of these tasks that is no longer true. In this intriguing post, Rick Mans shares some great tips to boost productivity by killing (or drastically shortening) meetings.

Steal impact
Maybe this weekend, don’t read anything. Just look around and see how you can have positive impact on your community. UnLtd posted these 6 ideas for doing that, ‘stolen’ from OpenIDEO. Now, OpenIDEO has a huge collection of concepts for creating positive impact, that are yours to take and make real.

Stop competing on price to save your store
It has been said before, but I think it is an important message: brick-and-mortar retailers (big and small) are not being killed by e-commerce. They simply don’t know how to adjust to a new reality, other than to desperately try to keep customers by slashing prices. But that’s a battle they’re going to lose. If you want to keep your store in High street alive, you need to find a way to bring more value to consumers, and let them pay for that. Or you could, as this article argues, prove that you have added value for your suppliers. And there are more strategies suggested.