The poems have moved!

You may have noticed that the poet in me hijacked this blog since the beginning of this year. Today, I’m putting an end to that hostage situation. You may have noticed that I started a project to deliver a poem each day. I like the project so much – and have some ideas on making it a bit bigger, but more on that later – that I thought it wise to move it to a separate space. So, from tomorrow on, you can find a poem each day on the new site: A Poem Each Day.

A Good Week For This Blog

A Clear Blue Sky debutes on The Paris BlogThis week has been a good week for A Clear Blue Sky. First of all, I got invited to become a contributor to The Paris Blog. A group blog on life and living in Paris, which happens to be one of my favorites, especially since I moved here. The obvious move was to happily accept the invitation, because to me it was just a great honourĀ  to join the ranks of al the amazing blogging colleagues, blogging on one of my favorite subjects. And by Thursday, my first contribution was made. I think this is a good place to thank Laurie for the invitiation, and of course all her work on The Paris Blog. Be sure to visit the site, and also those of my colleague contributors.

To celebrate this amazing thing, I expanded this site with a recommended reading page. You will find a selection of my other favorite sites, and a (changing) selection of my favorite books. Enjoy this new addition, and of course The Paris Blog.

Small update: I also fixed an issue I had with the archives. They will now load in the proper lay out.