Active citizenship and mobility – Alberto Alemanno in European Portraits

Alberto Alemanno teaches about Europe

Screenshot from the MOOC Understanding Europe

In his MOOC Understanding Europe, Alberto Alemanno shows how you unlock knowledge for the masses. He presented it with energising flair, and made the complex matter of how the European Union works very easily understandable. I took the course, and admired also the way he graciously embraced even the most vitriolic contributions on the discussion forums. But Alberto Alemanno is more than a professor of MOOCs from HEC, he’s a public interest lawyer, a civic activist, a European, and another person from the 40 under 40 Young European Leaders to share his thoughts here. I’m honoured!

What does the EU mean to you?
Europe is the space where I was born, grew up and live my life. Europe is therefore part of my identity. Europe is also the object of my work, the space in which I think and where my work and ideas are expected to have an impact. Europe is therefore part of my daily life and possibly future life. Finally, the EU is the public authority that – like most of the EU citizens – I trust the most and from which I expect good policies improving my life and that of my family, friends and society as a whole.
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