Le dernier virage

Departing From CDG Terminal 1

‘Le dernier virage’. There was a time, that this short announcement from the cockpit would be the signal that told me I was home. Sure, I would, at the moment that I heard it, be still in a seat on a plane, but those three words would mean the journey had come to an end. The plane would have arrived at its parking stand, only one last turn (dernier virage is French for ‘last turn’), and we would come to a stop. Only a bit of waiting for the doors to open, an almost-run through the terminal and a short taxi ride would separate me from actually being home. But this, the parking stand at Charles de Gaulle airport, was always a good proxy, a good moment for that ‘I-have-come-home’ feeling to kick in.

Those three words, I still repeat them to myself, every time a plane I’m on has landed, and found its way to the parking stand. Le dernier virage, and I have arrived. But there’s much more to arriving at airports. That is exactly what I am going to discuss this weekend with some wonderful people in the Quality Hunters Workshop in Finland. I’m very excited about that. The fun thing is, even if you’re not in Finland this weekend, you can participate. Simply follow the Quality Hunters blog, Facebook page and Twitter account or hashtag #qhworkshop for updates. And don’t hold back: join the conversation!