Back to school and loving it

Taking a class on Coursera

Taking a class on Coursera

Going to school with 20000 students from all over the globe? Not a problem these days, and you can even stay at home while doing so. There are several offerings, but I recently tried out Coursera. To be honest: I started a course before, and dropped out after the first week. But this time I told my self to finish it. And I’m glad I did.

I took the course ‘Plagues, Witches and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction’ from the University of Virginia. When I saw the course title, I assumed it was about literary works from the past, but after starting, I quickly figured out it was slightly different. The course was about works that are written about the past.

Anyway, it still was very interesting. The fact that the course was well made, played a big part in that. I’m currently taking another class at Coursera, and the lecture videos are not much more than recordings of lectures given at the university in question. It’s interesting, but not as engaging as my Plagues, Witches and War [PWW] class, which had video lectures specifically made for online, with the instructor talking to the camera, and shot in different locations around the university. Next to that, there were seminars with authors, in which students of the University of Virginia were sat around a table with an author. To top it all off, there were dialogues between the instructor and some more authors, and even a guest lecture.

The assignments were also very varied, which added to the learning experience.

In short, I’m back to school, and I love it. Especially when the courses are as well made as the one from Professor Bruce Holsinger at University of Virginia.

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