Creativity, shinrinyoku, webcare and history: Weekend Reads


Exercise your creativity
With their new book, Kelley brothers Tom and David from IDEO, want to help people, especially young ones, to boost their creativity. In their experience, it’s creativity that stands at the basis of great businesses, innovation and much more. However, many people struggle to be creative. In this HBR blog post, Tom and David share three creativity challenges that will help you practice being creative. If I could add a fourth, it would be: write a poem each day.

Did you do your shinrinyoku today
From an interesting article over at the BBC News website, I learned this awesome word: shinrinyoku. It’s Japanese for ‘forest bathing’, or spending time in nature. The article itself is about the health benefits of shinrinyoku, and how it can save the NHS in Britain ‘billions’, according to research cited by The Woodland Trust.
In any case: I love this word, and am fortunate that I get my daily dose of shinrinyoku while walking with our dog. How about you?

Lone wolf, fire fighter schizophrenic, or …?
In an awesome series of posts, one of my favorite writers on anything social, Rick Mans, is talking about the nine archetypes of webcare. Starting with personal experience stories, he not only explains the types, but also shows how you can improve your customer service if you recognize yourself. Must. Read.

The long reach of history
Progress and innovation? I’m a huge fan of those. But, I’m also a fan of history. Only by understanding where we come from, can we really move forward and make things better. In this brilliant article, the current battle lines from the American public debate are explained by looking at the colonial times. It seems the US is a land of eleven nations.