Germany votes: the Wahl 2013 in photos

Next Sunday, Germany will elect a new parliament, the Bundestag. And slowly but surely, the Wahlkampf is invading our lives. On the radio, in the news, but most noticeably: in the streets. In this photo essay, an impression of how the parties are trying to convice the Germans to vote for them.

Underutilized election campaign boards

Special posterboards have been erected for election campaign posters. But most are not used fully.

Using the trees for posters
The political parties rather use trees…

Using traffic lights for posters
… and traffic lights to spread their message.

A hidden QR code
Some try to lure us to their websites with QR codes. Even if the posters are put up in such a way that the QR codes are hard to scan. If this is a design error, what does that say about the party or canidate in question? And what does the fact that the QR code leads to an non-transparent shortened url say about this party in question?

Oversimplifications are easy messages
And of course, there are those who claim to be the ones with the courage to tell the truth. To me it seems that they are often also the ones trying hardest to hide the truth by oversimplifying issues.

Will this shock you into voting?
In any democracy, there’s always room for parties with an extreme message. Some of them are trying to shock people into voting for them with extremely rude messages: ‘Which a….. will you vote for next time?’

I’m not eligible to vote in these elections, so to me it’s mostly amusing. But then again, with Germany being one of the driving powers of Europe, I think these elections are important for all Europeans. So, please my German friends: be wise with your vote.

Vitamines pour la rentrée – a September play list

La Défense concerts

It was always like a little present, when traveling through the subterranean transport system of Paris, I would hear the tunes of these wonderful artists giving their morning rush hour surprise performance. Music always helps me to get into that work state of mind. And now that September is well on its way, schools have started, vacation is over, it’s time for, as they call it in France, ‘la rentrée’. To get you going again, here’s my September playlist with tunes selected to energize you. Which songs are your ‘labour vitamins’? Let me know.

PS: if the embedded playlist doesn’t show for whatever reason, you can click here and open it in Spotify.