Weekend reads: rapid transport, collaborative economy and much more


In this conversation disguised as an interview, Jermiah Owyang and Lora Cecere discuss the impact of the collaborative economy on supply chains. Not only is the ‘social’ element having an impact on product development and marketing, but changing consumer demands are also having their impact on design principles. One very positive point emerging is the principle to ‘build to last’.

Elon Musk likes the future to be better than the past. So, when big expensive infrastructure plans like the ‘high speed’ rail connection proposed in California, are not really an improvement, he gets a bit annoyed. And he’s right. The proposal lacks ambition and is over-expensive. Thus, he proposed his own solution: the Hyperloop, which he himself billed as a “cross between the Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table.”

A while ago, my friend Ana Canhoto suggested the speech young Pakistani girl Malala made at the UN. And she’s right: it’s an inspiring speech from someone who had an attempt on her life for simply being a girl and wanting to go to school. Read the full text of her speech.

One of the things that comes on the path of parents-to-be is to think about how to monitor a baby during sleep. It seems cool to have a camera which you can access from laptops and tablets wherever you are. But… you need to make sure it safe. Especially when it allows you to talk to your baby. Security issues can allow hackers to not only see what’s happening, but also to communicate with your baby. So, please, be sure it’s hacker-proof!

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