Weekend reads – 11/12 May

What’s your advice?
My friend Ana Canhoto sent a message to her students, with a very valuable piece of advice in it. It was not directly related to the topic she teaches, more an advice about life. Not only does she show how good teachers care about their students, but the post on her blog also illustrates that a great educational institution goes beyond just transferring knowledge: it also should have a system to support students in their transition to adulthood and working life. And to get the best results possible. So, here is Ana’s advice, what’s yours?
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The last step to make aid work
Why won’t Babu move? Well, because we know what’s good for her, but don’t know (and don’t invest in) what really moves her. In this open blog post, the World Bank illustrates a key success factor for international development.

Do you know your characters?
In this lovely, informative video, Ben Barret-Forrest explains the history of type. Now that we are able to create our own, or simply pick a font from a big list, I think it’s valuable to know how it all evolved out of hand writing.

Humanizing immigration
There’s a debate going on in the US about immigration. To come to a proper law on immigration, the Senate has hearings, in which experts give testimony. One of the experts invited is VC Jeff Bussgang. He published his planned testimony on his blog, and I think it’s worth reading, because it gives another view on immigration than the view we often hear these days, especially in Europe. Not all immigrants are the profiteers they are made out to be by prominent politicians.
Tags: #politics, #immigration, #innovation, #entrepreneurship

The Start-up Vibe of Central and Eastern Europe
Do you still think Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are former communist states from which the populations can’t wait to get their hands on benefit money in Western Europe? Think again. Places like Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Sophia are now the vibrant tech start-up scenes that many European countries would like to see. In this post on Sparksheet, we see how several Silicon Valleys are sprouting in the CEE.
Tags: #innovation, #entrepreneurship, #Baltics

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