The people who stand on advertising columns

A Säulenheilige used to be a person who would go up on a pole, and sit there to contemplate and pray. But that was a long time ago. These days, in Düsseldorf, the Säulenheiligen are statues placed on top of advertising columns. There are, as far as I can tell, nine of them; made by artist Christoph Pöggeler. You might not have noticed them, while walking through Düsseldorf, because of their elevated position, and maybe also because they seem to be regular people doing regular things you do in a city. Here are six of them

The first one I noticed, was the photographer, who is making a nice photo of the main station.
Säulenheiligen: Photographing the photographer

One that I like for her cheerful attitude, is the lady dancing through the Altstadt.
Säulenheiligen: Dancing in old town

Then there is the couple taking in the view of the Rhine from the Burgplatz.
Säulenheiligen: Two tourists enjoying the view

But you can also take a cue from this sweet couple, and make Düsseldorf a place of romance.
Säulenheiligen: Lovers near the tv tower

Or, you can do like this lady, who is enjoying the sun, and, if you look at her from the right angle, seems to be looking up to the Rheinturm. Her name is ‘Marlis’.
Säulenheiligen: Marlis

A bit hidden away, close to the Rhine, there’s this mother with her child.
Säulenheiligen: Mother and child looking over the Rhine

Slightly out of central Düsseldorf, a bit in the northern part of town, there’s this guy who’s ready for a swim.
Säulenheiligen: where's the pool?

Have you seen any of these Säulenheiligen? Or maybe one of the other three? Which one did you like best? Let me know in the comments.