Sunday Spotlight: @cactuslouise

Louise Wilson, or @cactuslouise on twitter, is one of the wonderful people I met on the OpenIDEO platform. I have greatly enjoyed, and have been greatly inspired, by her contributions there. She also has a blog, that I really like to read. One of the posts that really stuck with me was made last year, right after the riots that shocked the UK and the world. She wrote about how her neighbourhood picked up after the riots, cleaning the streets and creating a ‘peace wall’ by putting sticky-notes with messages on a boarded up shop.

More recently, Louise was one of the winners of an OpenIDEO challenge with her idea to launch a site where young entrepreneurs can share their stories of failure, and lessons learned, so that others can learn from that: My Fail Tale.

Next to that, she often tweets and blogs about interesting topics, especially around community building. Louise is definitely worth following.

About Sunday Spotlight
Sunday Spotlight is my way of saying thanks to those members my online communities who have made an impact in the past week. It is also a nod to Ana Isabel Canhoto, and the way she interprets the popular #FollowFriday meme on Twitter. I even had the honor of featuring in this week’s FollowFriday post on her blog. How awesome is that?
In every Sunday Spotlight post I will introduce you to one or more very special people. These people have stood out in my social networks, and that’s why I think they are worth following. They might impact your life as well.

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