Game not on: running 10K on Sunday, not a half marathon

Nordea Riga Marathon 10K Registration

Nordea Riga Marathon 10K Registration

This Sunday, 20 May, the Riga Marathon will take place. My plan was to participate in the half marathon distance, and I’ve even been training for that. But, apparently, not enough. Wednesday I had my deciding test run, and I did not manage to qualify according to my own standards. Not sure if they mean anything, but for me it means I don’t feel ready to run 21 K on Sunday.

Now, I’ve had the idea to do this since last year. And I’ve been running quite a lot to get myself ready. But in the end, I did not manage to build up enough stamina. I’ve let minor obstacles (flu, projects, life, travel) get in the way of my training routine. This could be because of 1 of these two explanations: a) I’m lazy, unmotivated and undisciplined; b) running the half marathon this Sunday was not my real goal.

To be honest, I think it’s a tiny bit of explanation a) and mostly explanation b). I started running a few years ago, because I became too heavy and very unfit. Running is the easiest and most portable way of exercise I could find. The only thing I have to do is put on my running gear, go out the door and start. Now, I know I’m not overly disciplined and motivated in these things, so I need a target to keep running. Recovering from a knee surgery is one such target, but preparing for a race distance, that’s great motivation.

During the last few months, I’ve ran quite a bit, am a lot fitter and also a bit leaner. And that actually is my goal: staying fit and losing excess fat. So, now that my target of the half marathon on May 20 is slipping away, I need a new one. Any suggestions?