A Poem Everyday

A poem every day,
thirty in a row.
Not easy, I must say,
to get into that flow.

But now that I am here,
I’ve got too far to stop,
and this became, I fear,
a project I can’t drop.

So here is number thirty one,
The next in a lengthy line,
I sure hope you’re having fun,
and appreciate this rhyme.

A dog’s winter life

Look at me! I’m wearing a coat!
And shoes, for crying out loud.
Not cool for a top dog.
No matter how I squirmed and squealed,
they put them on me. It’s torture.
Sure, they ‘know what’s best’.

But now that I’m outside,
I almost forgot.
My feet don’t hurt in the snow,
I can still smell the smells,
and mark my territory.

The best of all worlds

A dim sum brunch in Hong Kong,
seeing the last supper in Milan,
or floating in the Dead Sea.
The world has become a small
playground, and brings us closer.

Your revolutions, your tsunamis,
your new years celebrations,
your independence day.

I’m shocked, mourn, cry and celebrate
with you, as the internet brings your world
into my living room.

Our cultures, backgrounds, stories mix.
The blend is brilliant. Best of all worlds.
It’s what makes life interesting.

And still there are people who fear the other,
are afraid their culture will become

Not understanding that we make who we are.
We make our culture: it’s a mix of ideas
from near and far.

The best of all worlds.

A new layer of snow

A layer of fresh snow
covers the streets
and parks and sidewalks
of Riga today.

Hiding the dirt, the ice, the holes,
and putting many to work.

Scraping sounds of snow cleaners
are heard from early in the morning.
Sidewalks cordoned off, for snow
being swept from roofs. A tough job.

Everyday, people realize it a bit more:
winter is here to stay a while again.
Warmer coats, warmer clothes.
Hats. Gloves. Boots.

And the fun of throwing snowballs.

Me, version x.x

Who am I?
Am I the sum of my experiences?
Or am I who I was made to be?
Is my life predestined, or
do I have choices?

Does the fact that I know
people who celebrate
a different New Year than me,
make me another person?

I think it does. You
educate me, make me see,
let me grow, influence me.
Change me.

You change me.

You change me into being me.