A Blue Cow in Old Town offering good food and special sides

Goat's cheese and spinach creme brulee

Goat's cheese and spinach creme brulee

The Blue Cow restaurant, or in Latvian: Zila Govs, has a special place in our lives. It was in this restaurant that we decided we would move to Riga. If we could have food like they serve here, this city was certainly a place that we could live in.

As many of the Latvian cuisine restaurants in Riga, meat has an important role on the menu in the Blue Cow. The quality of the meat is great, and they sure know how to prepare it. Some cuts, however, are surprises on the plate. The entrecote is nothing like the entrecote you get in France, for example. Still, it tastes good.

The menu is well balanced, with some very appealing and interesting starters, and a good and not too wide selection of mains. Not all mains come with side dishes, so there’s also a list of them. This is quite standard in Riga restaurants, but there’s one side dish that is far from standard by any means. The goat-cheese-and-spinach creme brulee. Yes, you read that right goat-cheese-and-spinach creme brulee. This alone is worth the visit to the Zila Govs restaurant.

Another thing we liked during our first visit on a grey and cold early December evening, was the house opera singer. A guy with a fantastic voice singing live and on request. In the summer he appears in the breaks of the band playing at an outside bar on the same square, and it’s certainly worth giving him some Lats and hear him sing a requested opera or Latvian folk song.

We really like to go here with guests and friends once in a while, and the Blue Cow is definitely a good choice when you’re in town. Having said that, there are two reasons why it’s not a must-go-to place. First, and most importantly, are the prices. You can have a better dining experience for the same or a lower price in many places around Riga. This probably has to do with the great location on Livu Square, one of the main squares in Old Town, but the prices are slightly in the tourist trap category. The second reason is the website. It plays music when you open it and you really have to look for the button to switch it off. That’s just, well, annoying. Other than that, you can’t go wrong in Zila Govs.

Restaurant Zila Govs
Livu Square
Meistaru iela 21
Riga, Latvia
+371 67223307

http://www.zila-govs.lv/ – Follow this link at your own risk.

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