An Ode To Five Years of TED Talks

Five years of
ideas worth sharing,
shared with the world,
inspire ideas worth sharing
to be shared with the world.

TED,, @TEDTalks, TEDx
global thinkers share
their thinking anywhere
even without the famous
red TED logo.

Presentation styles,
motion charts
music that moves.
Poetry. Yes poetry.

Five years of TED talks
available to all.
A Transformational
Exercise in Delightfulness.

Baltic Postcards

Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Dear friends,

This is the week of the Riga Opera Festival. A yearly event highlighting productions of the season. Yesterday, we went to see Il Barbiere di Siviglia. And we were in luck. The interpretation of the Latvian National Opera (LNO) was hilarious and amazingly executed. A true slapstick opera, with a lot of action on stage and brilliant performances by the whole cast, but especially the lead characters of Figaro (Andrei  Jilichovski), Count Almaviva (Karol Kozlowski), Rosina (Evija Martinsone) and Doctor Bartolo (Krišjānis Norvelis). If you’re in luck, you can still get tickets for the summer performance on July 27.

What struck us at the end, after just over 3 hours of entertainment and voice acrobatics, was the ovation. Now, in the Netherlands it has become the norm to give a standing ovation to all performances you go and see. Not getting one, means you have really had a bad night as an artist. Personally, I prefer the idea of rewarding outstanding performances. So, an ovation for a good performance, and a standing ovation for a great one. Last night’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia certainly deserved a standing ovation. But, that is somehow not in the repertoire of the LNO audience. And to be honest, I did not have the courage to change that. So, from the safety of my secluded working space, you can consider this post my standing ovation for the cast, orchestra and crew of last night’s performance.