Help me provide an alternative income for poachers

Open Planet Ideas is an open innovation platform initiated by Sony and WWF. The challenge is to find new ways of using today’s technology to tackle environmental challenges. To do so, Open Planet Ideas uses the methodology of OpenIDEO, which means that there are 4 phases to the challenge. The first phase is ‘Inspiration’ and aims to collect as many inspirational ideas as possible. The second phase is ‘Concepting’, in which people can contribute their concepts. We’re in that phase now, and I have also submitted a couple of concepts.

Now, almost at the end of the challenge, Open Planet Ideas is organizing ‘Build Hour‘. On 25 November at 16h00 GMT an hour of building on and improving concepts kicks off. One of my concepts is also up for input from others. It aims to find alternative income streams for poachers in order to relieve the pressure on endangered species.

So, if you think you can help out, have a look at the video above, check out my concept on the Open Planet Ideas website and give me a bit of your time on Thursday. Build hour takes place on twitter. To make it a bit easier for me please use @arjantupan or #OPI1 (or both) when you give feedback.

Some other great concepts that you can help build on are:

Baltic Postcards – Festival of lights on independence day

Dear friends,

Latvia’s first Independence Day is celebrated on 18 November. And since a couple of years, Riga has the Staro Riga, or shining Riga, festival of lights to celebrate. We had heard many great things about it, and despite the wet weather we went out to see what was going on. As you can see from the movie above, there were some impressive light installations, but what impressed me most was the procession through the city. Especially the number of young people who carried their torches through the streets of Old Riga.

All the best,

Baltic Postcards – A short trip through Western Latvia

WW I Trenches Near Babite

Dear Friends,

Today was another day of exploration of Latvia. We wanted to go to the widest waterfall in Europe, until we found out that it was at least a 2 hour drive to get there. So, we just drove west a bit and discovered some nice and interesting places. We walked in the fields, until B decided to go into a garden and hunt down a cat. The owners were not happy, and neither were we. After that we saw a small war memorial and went to bread factory Laci, where they have a small shop and restaurant. Of course, we bought some of the baked and flavoured rye-bread strips, a Latvian delicacy.

Even though the guide books do not have too much information of things to do in Western Latvia, regularly you can see some brownish road signs, pointing to sites of interest. So, we followed one of the signs and ended up at another war memorial, for fallen rifle men in World War I. We drove into the forest close by and saw some of the restored trenches. Somehow, in the wet and slightly cold Autumn weather, it was easy to imagine the hardship the young soldiers must have gone through. De path we took with the car led us through the forest, and a swamp-like area, so that was almost off-the road driving. Fortunately, our 4WD Toyota can handle that perfectly.

We’ll probably head out towards that waterfall soon, but will also try and find some more of Latvia’s hidden gems.

All the best,