Baltic Postcards – A 10K4N bike ride in Riga

Dear friends,

Today is, amongst many other things, 10K4N Challenge 2010 day. And I was really excited to organize and participate in the second 10K4N edition. However, my recent knee surgery prevents me still from running. Apart from the fact that the doctor won’t allow it, even running for more than 5 meters is still very painful. Believe me, I tried. So, to participate in this years challenge, and to raise money for education for poor girls in India, I took out my bike for the first time since surgery, and rode around Kipsala. It felt really good.

If you want to know more about the 10K4N Challenge, please visit the blog or our facebook page. And if you want to help us change lives, feel free to leave a donation at our sponsor page.

Have a great Sunday!

All the best,

Light reading on a Sunday

A couple of years ago, right before we moved into the second millennium, I wrote my first short story and even got it published. I entered it in a contest in which the 100 winners would see their stories published in a book called ‘Het boek aller tijden’ – which is Dutch for ‘The Book of All Times’. Even though I liked writing the short story, it took me over 10 years to come up with the second story. So, if you’re in for a little light reading on a Sunday, here’s the Legend of Gazibe of Lyndas: