Not Jezebel, But Maybe Someone Else

Sometimes, when holidaying, you get confronted with things that you don’t like, worry about, but have no idea how you can fix it. In the otherwise beautiful area in Turkey where I am right now, there is quite a large population of stray dogs. It seems that there has been a government run sterilization program, but still there are a lot of dogs roaming free. It seems they have found a way of coexistence with the local population. But sometimes, one of them is taken out of the streets by tourists, to be left at the holiday home or where ever when the fun is over. Today I met one of these, and taking her home with us would have been an option. The problem is that it doesn’t solve anything. And starting there, where would you stop? Why ‘rescue’ this one, and not the many others which apart from being used to living in the wild an being a bit dirty, seem very well behaved and not disease ridden. And what about back home in Latvia. The animal shelter in Riga is overflowing with abandoned dogs, all of which are in need of a good home and safe life. And there are many reasons why we cannot rescue them all: lack of funds, lack of time, lack of enough room in our apartment.

But Jezebel, as a lady in the park here had called her, broke my heart this morning. Her big sweet eyes, her looking for protection of being taken to a veterinarian and a shelter without hope for a long and happy future. It will stay with me for a long time, and I hope she finds a good life. And when we’re back home, maybe we take a dog from the shelter, so that our B has a friend. It might be time he shares some of his luck of being loved and cared for with another dog.

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