Baltic Postcards – Latvijas Nationala Opera

Latvijas Nationala Opera

Dear Friends,

Recently we premiered at the Latvian National Opera (LNO). Not that we had a show on stage, but we made our first visit. With our weekend guest, we saw the revival of the 1925 version of LNO’s Madama Butterfly. For a very reasonable price, we had three of the best seats in the house, and it was a great evening. The opera was a good performance, the main hall a beautiful, typical opera hall, and the atmosphere was great. Definitely a taste for more. Our next visit will be soon to see the premiere of Sleeping Beauty, a ballet. Can you imagine getting tickets for that at 4 Ls a piece?

That’s it for now.



Running Again…

When we decided to move to Riga, of course we had done some research on internet. One of the things I found, was the Riga Marathon. I was putting on kilo’s again, after I stopped running due to first an injury, and then sheer laziness. Next to that, I thought it was a nice way, as they advertise, to see the city from a different perspective. Once I am in the rhythm of running regularly, it becomes nearly addictive, but I need something to motivate me to start again. This was it. So, I registered. Not for the full marathon, that was too much of a challenge, but for half the distance.

As my twitter followers and facebook friends have noticed, I indeed started running again. Hesitantly at first, but more regularly now. And I need to. The marathon is in 7 weeks, and I am not trained enough to run that distance. Now I have a new inspiration in the form of a book: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. It is a very personal collection of thoughts about running, but highly inspirational, emotional and hilarious at points.

So, if you are a runner, and have the same issues as I with getting started again: find a challenge, and read that book. You’ll be a happy runner again soon.

Baltic Postcards – Happy Easter!

The Egg Statue in Vilnius

Dear friends,

Happy Easter!
Those of you who know me, also know that I am not the best at sending postcards for birthdays, Christmas etcetera. Somehow, it just doesn’t work. Sure, there’s the occasional text message, facebook wall post or tweet. Maybe even an email. But cards…

So, this time, Easter 2010, I am doing it this way. With a picture of the egg statue in Vilnius, I wish you all a happy Easter! I hope you’ll enjoy it, that you have great weather, and that you’ll find many eggs, like this one, maybe.

Warm regards,