Baltic Postcards – The Last of the Snow

Sparrows in the Park

Dear Friends,

Even though it is raining mostly now, the spring is really coming now in Riga. The snow is slowly vanishing. The streets are almost free, and the park in front of our house is slowly revealing it’s grassy fields. Temperatures are now constantly above zero. And it is about time, at the end of March.

Nevertheless, we greatly enjoyed the snowy winter. Especially on sunny days, the landscapes were beautiful. In the picture here sparrows enjoying the sun in snow covered shrubbery. A sight we’ll probably won’t see for a while. I’m looking forward to the spring time here. And a bit more sun.

Warm greetings from Riga,

Baltic Postcards – A Short Stay in Tallinn

Tallinn Old City

Dear friends,

This week we spent a couple of days in Tallinn. And just like Riga, it was covered in snow. While m/gl was out working, B and I went on a discovery tour of the city. Tallinn is very nice. The Old City has a distinct medieval feel about it, with winding streets and old buildings. But we liked it, even though B was not allowed in every place. But then again, Tallinn is maybe the first city I visited that has a dog’s playground. Pictured here is part of the old city wall.

On Thursday night we drove back to Riga, where the snow is finally starting to really disappear.

Warm regards,

Baltic Postcards – Greetings From Jurmala

The Train to Jurmala

Dear friends,

Beach resort town Jurmala is not too far from Riga. In fact, it’s only a 20 minute drive from our home, and it’s great to go there with the dog. This picture was taken when we had to wait at the railway crossing heading for the snow covered beach/sea. Yeas, the sea is frozen over and covered in snow as well.

A little over a week ago I visited the Jurmala City museum (29 Tirgonu Iela in Jurmala). Through a former neighbor (from about 20 years ago) I was invited for the opening of the Art for Children exhibition. A great idea, if you ask me. I love the concept of art in children’s rooms. And there are some very nice pictures on show. If you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely visit it!

Warm regards from Riga,

Snapshots of Lutetia – Final Post

Steak Tartare Condiments

One of my favorite things to do in Paris, was find a nice place to sit down and have a ‘steak tartare’ for lunch. This series, with my photo impressions of living in Paris and wandering the streets, started off with a picture of a nice tartare, and it is a good a subject as any t end the series. A week ago I moved definitely out of Paris, and France even. So what better final snapshot of Lutetia than one depicting the condiments needed to self-prepare the tartare as it should be, served in the brasserie of Hotel Lutetia.
Paris is a great city to live in, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Now, the new adventure in Riga has started. Which also means a shift of focus in the almost weekly photo-post. From next week on, it will be renamed to Postcard from the Baltics.