There’s A Reason I Will Run 10K On October 11

As some of you may have noticed here last week, or quite constantly over at facebook and twitter, I am currently training for a 10 kilometer run challenge on October 11. Not only to keep myself a bit in shape (and lose some excess bits of me), but also to raise money and awareness for the Nanhi Kali project. This is a project that organises education for girl children in India, who would otherwise not have a chance on bettering their lives. The video below gives an excellent view on the importance of this project. Please consider helping me out to run faster and enable more girls to have an education, by sponsoring me and my fellow challengers on For more information about project Nanhi Kali, visit their website at

Snapshots of Lutetia – Spectaculaire 2009

Spectaculaire 2009

Today I stumbled upon the opening of the cultural season in Paris, Spectaculaire 2009. Not quite the big festival that Amsterdam organises each year, but still a nice way to get some tips and listings for the upcoming season. There is so much to do in Paris, that it is good to be prepared. The Spectaculaire consists of a market on which theatres, museums and others promote their upcoming events. There’s even a foreign section, with a dutch stand. Go there for the nice cheese they have for visitors. Apart from that, there is live music and other entertainment. Open Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 on the Quai Fran├žois Mauriac and the Quai de la Gare in the 13th.

The 10K for Naandi Challenge

In the past month I have been busy with setting up a challenge for my colleagues at Capgemini. With the motto “Work Out. Connect. Help.” we are trying to stay fit, connect to colleagues around the world and most of all, help the Nanhi Kali project tomake dreams come true by organizing education for girls in India, who would otherwise hav no chance on a different future. So, on October 11, we will run, individually or in groups, 10 kilometer to raise awareness and money about the Nanhi Kali project. You can sponsor me, and the other challengers, at For more news, take a look at the challenge blog, or follow @10K4N on twitter.

So, if you were wondering why there have been only a few posts here lately, that’s because this challenge is on the top of my attention list now…

A Curious Incident At Lunchtime

In French offices, the lunchtime timeslot is on of the quiet periods of the day. Most people are out having lunch, only a few remain for reasons of their own (no friends or an anglo-saxon/dutch style lunch of having a sandwich at the desk whilst continuing to work for example). Today, I was one of the few. And since I have quite a lot of work to do these days, I had my noise reducing Sennheiser CX300II in my ears to create a private bubble in the open space. Works rather well, by the way. Until I saw a colleague grinning and waving close to me. And pointing. Trying to attract the attention of some of the other few still in the office. Apparently, one of our colleagues had fallen asleep at the desk, and that was something to laugh about. Now, I have to say, we do have our regular moments of a bit of fun around the office, but this was something I would expect more in kindergarden.

What would be interesting to know, is that this colleague is/was also in charge of setting up the plans of our H1N1 virus contingency plans. So he should be aware of what to do when something out of the ordinary happens to people at the workplace. I admit, I did not respond immediately, especially not with the laughter he was looking for. But when I responded, I walked over to the person to check everything was okay. It could have been some black out of sorts, for all we could tell from a distance. Apparently, it was indeed fatigue, and fortunately the person in question was otherwise fine. We went, with another colleague, for a bit of fresh air to revive spirits. Then we learned that the colleague was one of many doing Ramadan, the Islamic fast period. I don’t know much about it, but it’s roughly halfway through now, in a month long of fasting. It is very tiring for the people who do it, and takes great discipline. Nothing to make fun of. It’s not for me, but I have respect for those that follow the rules, especially in a ‘Western’ office environment where colleagues go for 60-minute lunches and about four 15-minute coffee breaks a day. Anyway, I thought this was a curious incident worth mentioning. And please, if a colleague seems to be asleep, check whether all is well before making fun.