Promener Le Chien In Paris

Every day our dog and I go for our little walks. Back in Amsterdam, this was sort of a social event. Within weeks of moving into a new neighbourhood, you’d know almost all dogs by name, have nice conversations with their owners, while the dogs play or have a hierarchy discussion. Sometimes we had hilarious encounters, especially with oversized playful pups.
In Paris, this is mostly different. People tend to react very uptight on seeing another dog coming in their direction. Their favorite move mostly is to cross the street. If that is not an option, they move, panic in the eyes, as close to one side as they possibly can, sometimes trying to hide behind a tree or a parked car. All the time ever more tightening their grips on the leads. And this is the biggest mistake. The dogs get thus the message that there is danger, and that they are supported to attack. Quite soon I got accustomed to saying that my dog, ‘il est très gentil’.
Fortunately, there are also some dog owners that are much more relaxed, so yesterday evening, and this morning, we had some nice walks, meeting dog-friends, having chats and playing. Then, walking the dog is great.

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