Marching through the valley of death

If there should be one rite of passage for operational excellence consultants such as myself, it would be the march through the Valley of Death. It is one route you have to take before becoming a true Six Sigma greenbelt. I’ve been on that journey, and this is my story.

Although at the time I’m writing this I am officially unsure wether I succeeded in obtaining the right to wear a green belt decorated with the number six and the greek character sigma, I’ve just spend a week at our University studying the 5 steps to process perfection. It all started out nicely on monday. All about defining issues and lots of ‘war stories’ from an experienced trainer. Day 1 of our march was good, and so was the start of day 2. A case study in which we practised to define CTQ’s (Critical to Quality customer demands) and to use the house of quality to define the issues that needed to be handled first. But after lunch the real test started. Then, when we began measuring and analysing, the statistics hit us. We’ve reached the Valley of Death of which we barely escaped. The rest of the training was an easy stroll. It was all about improving and controlling. And of course, passing on to become certified Green Belts.